Equipment Financing

Dedicated Funding understands how important it is, when you need to buy a piece of equipment, to keep your business going. Whether you need a quick solution to determine if you can acquire some equipment or if you are just starting on a new project, financing the purchase of your new equipment can be tricky. You always have the option of approaching a bank, but that can take forever to get an answer, not to mention all the red tape necessary when going through the loan application process. At Dedicated Funding, we offer a quick turn-around time, usually in just a couple of hours, rather than leaving you hanging in anticipation. We make the process easy and provide extremely competitive rates and terms.

How Does It Work?

Everyone who owns a business or is about to start one, understands that making money often starts with you making an investment in your business. If business requires high-end and expensive equipment, you may not have the working capital or immediate cash flow to acquire that equipment. This is where Dedicated Funding comes into picture with our Equipment Financing Options.

  1. Download the online application. Fill it out, print it, sign it, and submit it to us.
  2. We take the information from your application in order to better understand a few basic facts like the type of business you have, the scope of your business, how long have you been doing this business, and the financial stability of your business.
  3. These factors will help us evaluate your business and your ability to payback your financial obligations. We work to gain an understanding of how the equipment that you are going to acquire will help your business grow, what it does and how it will bring value to your business.
  4. A decision on your loan is made in hours, not weeks and the loan can be processed quickly utilizing competitive loan rates and terms.

We will discuss your loan terms with you based on the duration for which you are going to use the equipment. We’ll review your credit reports, and bank statements of your business. We utilize advanced commercial underwriting software and other resources to help us come up with predictable outcomes that assist us in our funding decisions. Based on our complete evaluation of your business and specific needs, we make a quick decision and let you know if we are able to proceed with funding your loan.

How do we do it?

It is our goal to provide the highest level of service and expertise to your business, whether large or small. Dedicated Funding offers several years of experience in commercial lending and are able to develop a successful model which is in the best interests of both our company and your business. Our simple, no nonsense approach provides you with a quick response and then offers highly competitive rates and terms without the hassle of traditional bank financing.